Utilize your employees to capture images and videos of unique experiences occurring at your business.

Tired of trying to figure out what images and videos to post about your business?  Are you posting content that isn't engaging and not adding any brand value?  With our bizsoci app, utilize employees of your company to help capture videos and images of everyday experiences they encounter to create amazing brand-specific content.

Easily collaborate with members of your company to create content with an all-in-one platform.

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Capture Content to Post

Employees of your company witness the most memorable experiences that occur at your business. Their everyday experiences are truly the best examples of content your business can get to help tell its story on social media. With bizsoci’s one-of-a-kind app, allow anyone you choose in your company to help capture videos or images of everyday experiences they encounter at your business.

Easy setup allows you to create teams and invite employees to download the app on either Google or iPhone.  Each employee will get their own username and password.  Once the employee downloads and log ins, they can start capturing, hashtagging, describing, and saving new experiences.

Publish Content

These images and videos will all be saved to the main platform where designated members can evaluate each experience. Once an experience is ready to be posted, along with any previously uploaded images and videos, you can easily post directly to all your official business profiles on social media sites all at once.

Employees can only capture images and videos and can not actually post to official social media accounts.  This creates a powerful tool to leverage your employees to create content, while you publish only the best.

Consent Form

Getting consent forms signed allowing permission to post certain images and videos to social media sites is important, but can be clumsy. bizsoci makes it incredibly easy for every employee to get proper consent, allowing sharing specific posts on social media sites. The forms are all conveniently organized in one spot.

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