- What does the email look like from Google when I respond to reviews?

Here is an example of what the email looks like when Google sends an email when you respond to their review.

-Can we publish reviews on Yelp? Why? How else do we work with Yelp?

No, we cannot publish reviews on Yelp. Yelp does not allow any 3rd party syndicating, meaning no other outside company can publish on Yelp either. What we will do, is dispute the negativity for removal on Yelp. We have a team that specializes in negative review removal, and any disputed negative reviews that we are able to get removed will increase your Yelp score. We make it very easy for you to utilize our Dispute Button Technology by consolidating the reviews of major directories, like Yelp, all to one place.

-How do I sign-up? Can I speak to someone? I have more questions!

On this website, you have the option to sign-up, or book a free demonstration so we can create a plan to boost your online reputation.

-My SEO Company says that they can do the same as you.  Do I still need Reputation Boost?

We can appreciate other vendors attempting to help facilitate your business needs. However, Internet reputation management is a specialized industry that requires deeper insight than making your website rank when entering keywords on search engines. Our services have taken years to develop, with high levels of training, and should not be performed for businesses without a proven method of results and known experience. If not executed properly, more harm can come and cause permanent damage. A true and professional SEO firm that understands internet technology would appreciate your business signing up with Reputation Boost, because they understand the importance of a healthy online reputation. Our services will also help SEO efforts by converting more online customers, which will undoubtedly be a key to a successful online campaign.

-How do reviews from my customers get on the Internet, and where do they go?

We use several strategies to survey your customers, prompting them to leave a review for your company online.  These include QR Code, email, text, and our ReviewOurCompany.com platform.

-Is there a contract?  Cancellation fees or termination fees?  Refunds?

There are no cancellation or termination fees ever. Our clients are billed on a month to month subscription basis. There are never any refunds, however, we will work with you to make sure you are more than satisfied with our service. To stop service, you must simply email or call our customer service department 24 hours before your renewal due date.

-What about Yelp, Trip Advisor, RateMD's, and other specific sites?

We focus primarily on Google’s universal search results. When Google displays information about your business, it pulls from many different sources including platforms that provide video, images, and mainly content. Our technology and services make it easy to publish and manage in the platforms that we support, therefore making it easier for Google to find and display vital information about your business. Again, our main focus is for your business to be become more discoverable on Google, so when you are found, your business is chosen over your competitors. 

-What if I use your service and you don't remove any negative reviews?

Each individual review site (Google, Yelp, etc.) determines whether a negative review is removed, therefore we can never guarantee removal. However, we have a proven history of success with our approach. If a review can be disputed for removal, we will dispute it, and we will keep disputing it. Remember, our online reputation defense service is a combination of attacking the negativity head-on with our Negative Review Dispute Technology, and implementing surveys to help improve your reputation. Promoting positive reviews from your customers will bury the negative reviews.

-I have a 5 star business.  Why would I need Reputation Boost?

Looking good online is great, and this tells us your business understands how important a good online reputation is to your bottom line. To maximize your reputation needs, Reputation Boost has different packages for businesses that have a healthy reputation. Just like in the physical world, a person can never say they are too healthy and do not need to exercise. It is also just as important to have good reputation that is maintained. The same idea applies to your business. It is just as important to continually maintain your business's healthy reputation online. All of the work it has taken to get there can be destroyed very quickly. Reputation Boost provides the strategy to keep your business looking its best.

-Can Reputation Boost literally remove negative reviews?

We do not claim to literally remove reviews. We submit negative reviews to be disputed on websites, search engines, and directories to combat against inappropriate material. 

-What about Google and the FTC, testimonial advertising, and all of the different rules & regulations with ratings?

We pride ourselves in knowing that we are ethical in our service. We oblige by all regulations and laws within our industry. One of the most important rules that businesses need to follow is to clearly state when it is a paid testimonial for advertising. That is why our group never recommends or participates in incentives for a review from a customer. Reasons are that you might not get honest feedback, and secondly, you do not want to be scrutinized whether the review is fake. We care about the integrity of our industry. Here is a link from Google on their take on reputation management. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/managing-your-reputation-through-search.html