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Maximize Google Reviews with Automation and AI

Stats show that there is a clear correlation between the number and quality of Google reviews and a franchise's revenue

  • Increase Number of Google Reviews on average of 120%
  • Respond to 100% of Google Reviews
  • Dispute 100% of Negative Google Reviews with a Removal Rate of 5% to 30%

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Franchises that accumulate a greater number of positive reviews often see higher revenue growth compared to those with fewer reviews.

Did you know that franchises with an abundance of positive reviews, respond to all reviews, and dispute negative reviews tend to outperform those don't? Even just one glowing review can potentially boost revenue by 12%. In fact, there's a strong link between the quantity and quality of Google reviews and a franchise's revenues. By actively collecting, responding, and disputing reviews, franchises can unlock substantial revenue growth.

Why is getting more Google Reviews important for Franchises?

81% of consumers are likely to check Google Reviews before making a purchase at a local franchise. 

Why is responding to Google Reviews important for Franchises?

79% of consumers say that franchises that respond to Google reviews are more trustworthy than franchises that don't. 

Why is disputing negative Google Reviews important for Franchises?

94% of consumers say that reviews have made them avoid a franchise. This means that negative Google reviews can have a significant impact on a franchise's bottom line.

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What is Reputation Boost Franchise?

Reputation Boost Franchise is a platform that helps franchises of all sizes automate surveying customers to get more reviews, automate responding to reviews, and automate disputing negative reviews with the help of RB.AI

Automate Customer Surveying with RB.AI

Easily increase your Google Reviews with our automated solution. Just upload a CSV or copy and paste your customers' phone numbers and email addresses. Our platform automates the process, sending engaging text and email surveys to drive more positive reviews.

Automate Responding to Google Reviews with RB.AI

Effortlessly streamline your responses to Google Reviews, regardless of whether they're positive or negative, with the help of RB.AI.


Automate Disputing Negative Reviews with RB.AI

Automate disputing negative Google Reviews by utilizing our dispute button technology.

How it Works

Step 1. Integrate

With a few clicks integrate your Google My Business Profile to the Reputation Boost Franchise Platform.

Step 2. Survey

Make the most of your current resources by effortlessly extracting a .CSV file containing your customers' email addresses and phone numbers. You can then seamlessly import this file into our platform to create engaging customer surveys designed to inspire them to share their reviews on Google.

Step 3. Respond

With RB.AI, you have two fantastic options at your fingertips to automatically respond to reviews.

Opt for RB.AI's automated magic, which meticulously assesses every review and crafts a polished, personalized response on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can harness the power of your own pre-set responses to foster meaningful interactions with your valued customers.

Step 4. Dispute

Our automation technology will dispute your negative reviews with ease. Any review in our platform that has 3 stars or less will be automatically disputed every month. Plus, you have the power to manually challenge any review that you find questionable. We'll keep you informed by sending you an email whenever a review gets successfully removed.

Step 5. Monitor

Effortlessly keep tabs on the rise in your Google Reviews, ensure they receive prompt responses, and see how many negative reviews have been disputed. You can seamlessly correlate this data with your Google Analytics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that can enhance your business's performance and boost your bottom line.

Franchise Platform

$150 . 00


  • Unlimited Text and Email Surveys
  • Unlimited Google Review Responses
  • Unlimited Google Review Disputing
  • Enhanced Dashboard and Analytics
  • Unlimited Access to RB.AI
  • Unlimited Customer Service

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