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What is Reputation Boost?

Reputation Boost is a platform, which includes tools and services, that helps businesses of all sizes automate becoming more discoverable on Google and creating engagement with their online profiles. Every tool in the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Recommendation Algorithm & Task Manager

Get customized recommendations that will automate optimizing your Google My Business Page, as well as a Task Manager to execute those recommendations.

Google My Business

Boost your Google My Business Page, making your online reputation more discoverable on Google to stand out & acquire new customers.

Profile.Guide & QR Code

Integrate a QR Code to your existing POS, CRM, marketing material, invoices, and banners to give your customers convenient access to engage with your online profiles.


Send engaging text, email, and Review Our Company surveys, leveraging your network of customers to boost your reputation online.


Negative Review Dispute

Utilize dispute button technology to dispute negative reviews left by customers.

Google Review Auto Responder

Automate responding to Google reviews to create engagement with your customers, while becoming more discoverable on Google.

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