Little Known Ways to Get Consistent Sales from the Internet

Our software will help you rank higher in Google Maps, guaranteed or your money back! In addition, we will bring sales to your business via Facebook Ads.

Increase Local Rankings

Get Positive Reviews

Get People In The Door

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Why You Need This Service

We do two things really well.

1) Increase Your Rankings on Google Maps

2) Create Highly Targeted Ads via Facebook to Drive Foot Traffic & Appointments

Where is your target audience located? They are either on Google, Facebook, or both. If you own a local service-based business or retail shop like a restaurant, you'll want to have top rankings on Google Maps. In addition, if your ideal target audience is on Facebook, you'll want to show paid ads to drive qualified traffic to your site or to get people in the door. 

Get Google & Facebook's Algorithms on Your Side

top rankings on google maps

Our software will get you reviews from your current and past customers. Local rankings factors are:

  1. The number of reviews
  2. How recent are the reviews
  3. Your overall ratings from 1-star to 5-stars
  4. Quality of the reviews

facebook ads

Depending on your industry, Facebook can be a GREAT asset to your company. However, it must be done the correct way; otherwise, you will lose your money. Facebook is great for most:

  1. Local Retail-Based Businesses
  2. Local Service-Based Businesses

always be financially strong

Did you take a hit during COVID-19? Our clients didn't. In fact, we leveraged COVID to our advantage so help our clients get more sales. We did it through Facebook & Instagram. Google helped too, but Facebook/Instagram got people in the door immediately.

grow your business

Do you run your business or does your business run you? We take the daily tasks off your hands so you can do more important things, like RUN YOUR BUSINESS! Our staff will help you streamline your marketing when it comes to ranking on Google Maps and getting visibility on social media.

Get leads or foot traffic

The only thing that matters to business owners is making more sales. If you own a service-based business, you'll probably want more phone calls and appointments. If you own a retail-based business, then you'll most likely want people walking in the door. 

peace of mind

Once ReviewBoost is on your team, you'll be able to go to sleep without worrying about how your business will be doing. You'll want to work with us because your customers will say things like, "I saw your company on Google." Or they will say, "I saw your ad on Facebook."

Google Reviews

Our software will do a few things for you:

  1. Send SMS and/or emails to your past and current customers.
  2. Get reviews for you on Google. While we can get reviews for you on other website, most people use Google when picking a company.
  3. You'll have a central hub where you see all your reviews in one place. This is where you can reply to reviews.
  4. Measure your growth and see how you're doing over time.
google my business

Facebook Ads

The days of uploading Facebook wall posts everyday is over! To have great results, you have to 'pay to play' and get Facebook's algorithms working in your favor. Facebook changed their rules about 4 years ago and now your fans barely see your wall posts, unless your have ReviewBoost on your side!

This image is of a local coffee shop whose competitor is Starbucks. Here's what we did to get the ad to reach 83,531 people via Facebook:

  1. Created a wall post to get organic engagement
  2. Created a Facebook Sponsored ad with a highly targeted audience within a 1-mile radius. These people had an interest 'coffee'

We did NOT use a Boosted Post. We used the Facebook Ads Manager to drive sales. Boost Post is a great way to lose money!

The coffee shop ran out of food. Today, they still get sales because the frequency of people coming back has increased dramatically.

facebook advertising for local coffee shop

Nadia H

My experience since last year with review boost; specifically with my account manager Alyssa Begnaud had been very good. We are having communication on a constant basis, she gets back to me on any question and had been very helpful in boosting my business. I recommend them to any business in need of their services.

Business Owner

Our Clients

I got more calls...

Mike and Samantha and their team did an excellent job for me. Review Boost really works. I got more calls than when I was doing Google ads or spending a lot of money on SEO. Really happy with these guys! I see the other reviews and all I can say is I got great customer service!

Katt S - Owner

They have worked wonders...

Amazing customer service, very effective, and responsive. They have worked wonders for our family business. I highly recommend!

Paul C - owner

Ask for Samantha...

This is a top notch company to help with your online presence. Ask for Samantha to work with you. FIVE STARS!

Richard g - owner

Product Overview


Get Reviews on Google
  • Google Reviews are key when it comes to local maps.
  • Reviews show instant credibility.
  • Our software will send SMS text messages and/or an email to your customers. The message will have your review URL so people can easily leave a review.


Get Sales via FB & IG
  • Our objective on Facebook and Instagram is to drive sales.
  • We work with retail-based locations like restaurants, bars, etc.
  • We also work with work with service-based businesses like accountants/CPA, plumbers, electricians, landscaping companies, etc.  


  • You need to have Google and/or Facebook's algortihms working in your favor.
  • Some industries work great in both Google Maps and in Facebook. For other industries, only one works.
  • We market 1000s of clients on both platforms.

Get started now!

Grow Your Business Faster and Better

Our Pricing Plan

These are our price points. GET A DEMO FIRST!


Maintain Plan

Get a jump start and ask past & current customers for a review

  • Review Boost Tracker
  • Google Maps Verification
  • Review Promotions
  • Text & Email Reviews

 $ 199/mo  

Omni Plan

Increase your reviews on more review and social media platforms

  • Review Boost Tracker
  • Google Maps Verification
  • Review Promotions 
  • Text & Email Reviews
  • Updates on Social Media

  $ 399/mo  

Spectrum Plan

Everything in previous plans and dispute all your negative reviews

  • Review Boost Tracker
  • Google Maps Verification
  • Review Promotions
  • Text & Email Reviews
  • Dispute Negative Reviews
  • Updates on Social Media

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days


If, for any reason, you believe we aren't getting you sales, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

Can we publish reviews on Yelp? Why? How else do we work with Yelp?

No we can not publish reviews on Yelp. Yelp does not allow any 3rdparty syndication. Meaning No other outside company can publish on Yelp either. What we will do is dispute the negativity for removal on Yelp. We have a team that specializes in that and any 1 star reviews that we are able to get taken off will increase your Yelp score. We make it very easy for you by consolidating the reviews of the major directories like Yelp to one place and you can utilize our dispute button to alert our team and we will email you if we are able to get it taken down.

What am I going to see in the first month?

Within the first 72 hours we will have your internal platform up and running and within the next 24 hours you will have your comment cards. As soon as you start to send those back to us we submit them to Google. Your participation is a factor because the first months results vary but if you are working with us sending back comment cards and providing phone numbers and emails then you have an endless amount of potential. In regards to negativity we do not know what comes down it does not happen overnight it took some time for things to get like this so it will take some time for us to get it working in your favor but social media Fb Twitter, Youtube, IG, and Pinterest is up and yours to keep and will continue to benefit you to attract more of the customers who are searching for your service online.

How much is your service?

Review Boost's Spectrum Package which covers all the necessary services your business will benefit from is $399 per month!

How do I sign-up? Can I speak to someone? I have more questions!

On this website, you have the option to sign-up, schedule a phone consultation to have your questions answered and/or we have an option for a Demo thru Join.Me!