Monitor your reputation by seeing what your customers are saying about your company across multiple review platforms.

Ever wondered what your customers were saying about you in the reviews they leave on different review platforms?  Do you wish you could have a platform where all of the reviews are in one platform so you can actually do something about it?  Easily monitor your reviews across multiple platforms, analyze what is being said, leading to a better understanding of your online reputation.

Monitor your reviews across multiple review sites with an all-in-one platform to better understand your online reputation.

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Searchable Across Platforms

It can be incredibly difficult just to monitor your reviews, however, it is next to impossible to actually search across different review platforms.  Being able to search specific words and phrases is powerful for businesses to understand what is being said by your actual customers.  

We make it easy to search not just across supported review platforms, but search by good reviews or bad reviews, providing incredible business intelligence about what is being said online.

Word Cloud

Ever wondered what words were in common across different review platforms?  Could there be a common theme or situation that your customers are telling you via reviews that you just can't see because review platforms are so difficult?  

With our multiple platform word cloud easily determine what words are the most common and know if they are associated with good reviews or bad.  For example, you may notice the word "rude" is tall and red.  That means the word rude is common in your negative reviews.  This type of intelligence is vital to understanding your reputation online.

Global Review Score

Review scores can be very confusing and not very helpful if viewed individually.  Imagine having a score of 3 on Google, 4 on Facebook, 2.8 on Yelp, and 5 on CitySearch.  All these numbers don't really add any value.

We make it easy by combing all your review scores into one global review score.  With this weighted average score, you can better tell exactly what your score is across multiple platforms, and can better understand where you need to improve your online reputation.

Filters and Notifications

Time is an incredible asset that must be taken advantage of. Review intelligence is incredibly important, but having to keep typing the same thing can be a hassle.  

We make it easy to set filters and notifications, giving you the ability to search for bad reviews, positive reviews, or whatever suits you.  This tailor-made information is delivered straight to you.

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