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Tired of getting no reviews, zero engagement or negative reviews online?  Most customers will not go out of their way to leave a positive review if they have a good experience, however there is a good chance they will after a negative experience.  Easily leverage your existing customers by surveying them to boost your online review profiles.
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Businesses need to leave a lasting impression on their customers in order to ensure repeat business and attract new customers. One way to do this is by using Reputation Boost to send text messages to customers and asking them to leave a review. Here are some reasons why businesses should send text messages to customers to ask for reviews:

  1. Convenient and Easy - Text messaging is quick, convenient and requires very little effort on the customer's part. It is much easier for a customer to quickly text back a review than it is for them to search for your business on a review site and write a full review.
  2. Reach More People - Text messaging has a high open rate compared to other forms of communication, meaning that more of your customers are likely to see your message and respond.
  3. Get Feedback Quickly - By sending a text message, you can receive a review quickly and can make changes to your business if necessary. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and keep your business running smoothly.
  4. Build Trust - By asking for reviews through text messages, you are showing your customers that you value their opinions and care about their experience with your business. This can help to build trust and strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.
  5. Boost Your Reputation - A strong online reputation can be the difference between success and failure for a small business. By receiving positive reviews from your customers, you can boost your reputation and attract new customers to your business.

In conclusion, sending text messages to customers to ask for reviews is an effective way for  businesses to reach more people, get feedback quickly, build trust and boost their reputation.


As a business owner, you know that building a strong online reputation is key to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. One effective way to do this is using Reputation Boost to send emails to your customers to ask for reviews. Here are some reasons why small businesses should send emails to customers to ask for reviews:

  1. Increased Visibility - Email is a widely used communication tool, and it is likely that your customers will have easy access to their inbox. By sending an email to request a review, you increase the visibility of your business and make it easier for your customers to leave a review.
  2. Detailed Feedback - Email allows customers to provide detailed feedback, which can be valuable in improving your business. An email to leave a review on Google may gives your customers the opportunity to provide a more detailed explanation of their experience.
  3. Easy to Track - Email provides you with the ability to track the success of your review request campaign. In the Reputation Boost you can see who has opened your email, and more. This information can help you to refine your strategy for future review request campaigns.
  4. Boost Your Reputation - Positive reviews can help to boost your online reputation and attract new customers to your business. By sending an email to request reviews, you are making it easy for your customers to support your business and help to spread the word about your products or services.

In conclusion, sending emails to customers to ask for reviews is an effective way for businesses to increase visibility, provide a personal touch, gather detailed feedback, track the success of review campaigns, and boost their online reputation.

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