Ways to Keep Customers During COVID-19

Communication is key. Communicate proactively with your customers. Let your customers know if you’re closing your doors, changing your hours, and what steps you’re taking to keep your employees and work environment safe and clean. If your store is closing, notify your customers on their social media channels, through email and on your website. Why is this important you may ask? Social Media and Instant Communication is what our generation is thirsty for. We have to stay on top of our customers and clients. The situation is evolving rapidly and no one is quite sure what news each day will bring. Customers can empathize with merchants facing a crisis, as long as you communicate with them properly.

We need to recognize that most consumers are craving entertainment while being quarantined at home. Everyone is on their computer, their cell phone, or ipad like crazy these days. So not only is posting content and scrolling, but communicating with our customers will always be the root of the growth of your business. Promoting your business is key as well. If you are a restaurant, hold products online, or any kind of resource business. Promoting gift cards, ads, and videos will guarantee that return when customers see that this is available. Especially restaurants where margins are already notoriously thin, gift cards can help you stay afloat until the crisis passes. For example, customers in New York are going on their way to make sure local cafes, bars, and eateries don’t go under. So gift cards provide an easy way to keep cash flowing and moving. You can offer an e-card program to reduce the risk of iman contact or work with a third party delivery partner like Uber Eats to accept their gift cards at your location.

Stream or video chat services can be another good resource and idea to help keep your name on Google. Go digital with your services to continue to provide access to your customers who are sitting at home. People want to see your story, the people in your business, and movement in the company. There are several companies online such as “Vimeo” or “Loom” channel that allows customers to pay for videos with commonly requested information.

Lastly, using discounts to your advantage is super helpful. Now is a good time to entice long-term purchases with discounts. If it aligns with your business model, encourage customers to lock in a year membership now at a decent rate. Gyms can offer a discount for memberships starting after the virus passes. If you have a retail store, consider offering free or discounted shipping for online orders. You can be the hands and feet to small businesses in your local area or community. Think simple. You don’t have to pay huge companies to do simple tasks in your community or online. Figure out the need in your neighborhood and start there.

These simple steps I listed are just a few ways to increase your business and growth. Stay consistent with your customers. Post images, videos, and use discounts so people keep coming back. People are online more than every right now. By the click of a button or a small discount code, people will engage with your name and business more than ever. Are you ready to take a leap?

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