The Google Maps and Waze merger: How it will revolutionize the way local businesses are found

Google Maps is a web service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and sites worldwide. In addition to conventional road maps, Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many locations. In some cities, Google Maps offers street views compromising photographs taken from vehicles. Google Maps offers several services as part of the larger web application. For example, a route planner offers directions for drivers, bikers, walkers and users of public transportation traveling from one specific location to another.

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Another similar app that has more details is called Waze. Waze describes its app as a community-driven GPS navigation app, which is free to download and use. How does this work you may ask? There are plenty of GPS-driven apps and software to choose from, including options that may have come pre-installed in your car's dashboard interface or on your mobile device like Google Maps and MapQuest. Most do a respectable job when it comes to step-by-step navigation. Some account for congestion and other factors that could affect your overall drive time. Waze handles things a bit differently. It relies on the power of the people to steer you down the right roads. With over 100 million users sharing noteworthy information about what they encounter along the way, Waze stays constantly updated about anything that could slow your progress. Input from other drivers, known as Wazers, lets the app alert you to important items such as construction, police activity, accidents, and minor things to look out for like potholes and disabled cars on the shoulder.

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 Google is reportedly merging its Maps and Waze teams. The two navigation apps will remain separate but the company will house both teams under its Geo organization, which also oversees Google Earth and Street View products.

You are probably already familiar with Google Maps and Waze. These are two of the most widely used navigation apps globally. But what many don’t know is Google owns both of them. Well, the former already has the Google branding and comes built-in on Android devices. Waze, meanwhile, was acquired by the Android maker in 2013. Google didn’t absorb Waze into its Maps service, though. Instead, the new service continued to operate separately as a Google subsidiary, maintaining an independent culture.

Google Maps and Waze may offer the same core service, but they are still significantly different from each other. The former is more suited for people exploring new places. It not only offers mapping and navigation but also serves as a directory for points of interest around you. Now you may ask how these two apps benefit Reputation Boost, and why “Google My Business” is the root of everything that we do? When you sign up for

Reputation Boost, we will build this page for you. This tool allows users to see details about your business. However, not every business owner knows how to utilize this marketing tool to the fullest.

When someone searches your business online your Google maps will automatically show in your profile. This is where Waze and Google maps come in handy. Imagine when using the Waze app, you are trying to find a local coffee shop in your area. You simply search for a coffee shop near you and something pops up. What if that coffee shop has bad reviews, or someone else experiences traffic or a wreck earlier on their way to that same coffee shop? This would probably change your mind on commuting to that coffee shop. Not only because of the bad reviews, but also due to the traffic and time getting there. The future is now. And I believe soon we will begin to see reviews, experiences, and other pop ups in the Waze app since Google is now colliding.

Imagine someone finding you online, and clicking on the maps of where your business is at. They are going to look at two different things. The location, and the reviews. This is why signing up with Reputation Boost is so important, it allows us to market your business for you! We can build you a profile, give you insights on every detail of your online reputation, as well as dispute the negative reviews. We can also build you positive reviews by utilizing our custom QR code. Imagine not stressing about anything, and be able to just focus on running your business? Can you imagine? What a life. With these two successful apps coming together and partnering with Google

My Business, this will allow you to experience the future of your business in a whole new way. By clicking on maps, knowing where you are going, and what kind of business you are supporting even before you arrive. Reputation Boost is the driver, and all you need to do is take a seat and trust the journey. Are you in?

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