The Consequences of Not Responding to Negative Reviews on Google

Even bigger franchise businesses are behind on their reviews! Can you believe it?

Responding to Google reviews is vital for your business’s success in local search results. Reputation Boost automates this process by responding to both negative and positive feedback. Consistently show your customers that you’re committed to listening to their concerns and exceeding their expectations. Most companies struggle to respond to Google My Business reviews. Marketers and business owners can benefit from auto responders because they allow for a faster response time when responding to customer reviews, raising the bar for customer service.

“When you reply to reviews, it shows that you value your customers and their feedback.”

I did some research and this specific location of Walmart came across my Google. They have really poor reviews. I went through their reviews and it looks like they have not responded to any of their reviews. Which tells me two things. One, they don't have time and don’t care. Or two, they don't have a marketing company like Reputation Boost to help respond to their reviews.

We offer top of the line products that will do all the work for you! With our amazing automative system, you can custom write your own responses for the good and bad reviews. This will save you lots of time. Imagine if this Walmart went from a 3.9 rating to a 5.0 rating all within a couple of weeks using our products? Their reviews would sky rocket and every review would have a positive feedback. Which would then give their customers more confidence and a better experience with shopping at their local Walmart. I used this location for an example, so you could see the lack of reviews and reputation a bigger chain company such as Walmart has.

Walmart is not the only big company I came across with negative reviews and a lack of responses. Companies such as Gap, Costco, Chipotle, and other bigger companies struggle with this issue. Not only do smaller mom and pop shops need our products to be successful, but so do larger chain companies. There are several businesses in your local area who need a better reputation. And that is why using our products is so important.

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