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When people search for your business on Google, they may check links to your business’s social profiles included with your other business information in the Business Profile in Search. Google gathers business information from a variety of sources and may include it to give customers a more detailed overview of your business. Social profile information is automatically added to profiles for eligible businesses. There are many factors that influence whether these links will appear in your profile, including:

Consistency: Use the same name to represent your business in both your Business Profile and your social profiles. Authenticity: To verify your profile, use the social media site’s verification process if available.

This helps Google determine that the social profile is managed by an owner or authorized representative of the business. Note that not all sites have verification processes available to all of their users.

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What are the Social Links in Google My Business?
So how can you max out your branding authenticity and convince Google to add them? Is there a simple way to get all your social links on GMB? Social Media is the most powerful tool when it comes to branding your business and gaining an audience to your website. Social links are links that allow your Google viewers to connect with you through images, videos, or your website.

Why does your business need Social links?
So as seen in the two factors above, ultimately it will help your authority and authenticity to get Google to include the main social media platforms. As you will know, authenticity breeds trust. Trust breeds improved ranking and quality traffic. The Benefits of adding Social Media Profiles to Google My Business is it will expose your audience to other communication platforms with you and bring them into marketing funnel convert them into the potential customers Increased exposure and brand awareness, your customer list will grow, which will give your business an ongoing flow of potential customers, and customers that will return for more sales and services. How to add them through a social media footer link?

Google My Business will also pick up on social media links within your website. So if you haven't
shown them as links on the footer or some other appropriate place then that would be another
signal to show Google where to find them.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?
● Increase brand awareness
● Better customer satisfaction
● Brand loyalty
● Improve search engine traffic
● Cost-effective

For individuals:
1. To stay connected with friends and family: The utmost importance of social media is that it helps in staying in touch with our loved ones.
2. To share your life: Social media is a great place to share your life events.
3. To stay updated with current news and events: Most of us use social media to stay up to date about current events and news.

Benefits of Social Media for your Business

1. Direct Contact With Target Audience

Thanks to social media platforms, you don't have to call or email people randomly to check if they are interested in your brand or not. With almost the whole world on social media, it is now possible that your target audience is simply a click away from you. Using hashtags, you can directly land your brand on your target audiences' page - giving yourself an enormous reach.

2. Better Traffic
Since there is a wide diversity of active people on social media, the scope for diverse traffic is also broadened. Optimizing social media per your needs can ensure that you receive visits and traffic from various people. Since today people are on their phones most of the time, it is highly likely that people would come across your brand or work. Proper usage of keywords and other SEO guidelines would also ensure heavier and better traffic.

3. Availability of Tools for Analysis
Another aspect of social media that fuels its importance amongst businesses and content creators is the option to look into the insights. Hence, business and content accounts can analyze their posts and understand which post gained the most popularity and why - and how they can improve their feed. On Instagram, there is an option for post insights for professional accounts - where one can see which posts got the most saves, likes, or reaches.

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