The power of Google reviews: how they can make or break your local business

Google Reviews are a big credibility boost to your business. Simply ask your customers to take some time to fill out a review. The best part is that with Google My Business, you are able to make it easy for them and provide them a direct link. The key is to be targeted in your approach so that you receive positive reviews.

Google showcases the most relevant results for each search. Easily maximize your profile with complete and accurate information, making your listing easier for Google to discover and match with the right searches. Consistently keep your information up to date as your business changes. Make sure you’ve entered complete business information in Google My Business, so customers know what you do, where you are, and when they can visit. Provide information like, but not limited to, your:

● Physical address
● Phone number
● Website
● Opened on date
● Description

You can advertise your Google My Business several different ways. By utilizing a QR code, advertising the link on your website or in emails, and by searching your business online. Integrate a dynamic QR Code into your existing POS, CRM, marketing materials, banners, and invoices to seamlessly drive your customers to your online profiles. Every business has some sort of payment system, marketing or CRM that interacts with its customers. By integrating our QR Code and Profile Guide system to your business's existing infrastructure, easily add the option for your customers to engage with your online profiles. Secondly, Google Reviews increase your online exposure and help with SEO. Since Google is trying to provide people with the best results for their search query, online reviews are a strong indicator as to whether people like your business. Number of reviews also plays a role. Both Google and potential customers like to see businesses.

Google Reviews are a great way to gain testimonials for use in other marketing areas. Now to do this you still need to ask the person leaving the review if it is okay, but it is a lot easier for them to say yes when they’ve already done the work. Here are some creative ideas on how to advertise your QR code in your business.

● Advertise your QR code on business cards, flyers, or brochures.
● Print your QR code on your receipts.
● Print your QR code and place it in a picture frame
● Print your QR code on stickers and place them on tables, the exit doors, and anywhere visible
for your customers to see.

Google Reviews are a good way to better understand what you are doing right or wrong as a business. Reviews help you see what areas are doing well and what needs improvement. Not all reviews are fair, but they always can provide information and insight on how your business can improve. One hesitation that businesses often have when asking for online reviews is the fear of negative comments. A negative review is not always a bad thing. When a business actively replies to negative reviews in a professional way and tries to resolve the situation, it shows prospective customers that you care. A mixture of bad reviews and good reviews can actually increase conversions – it makes your online presence more realistic and transparent.

This is where our amazing Automatic Review Responder comes in handy for your business. Responding to Google reviews is vital for your business’s success in local search results. Reputation Boost automates this process by responding to both negative and positive feedback. Consistently show your customers that you’re committed to listening to their concerns and exceeding their expectations.

Did you know?

Automate Responding to Reviews

According to the Google My Business support page, businesses should “interact with customers by responding to every review left on a Google My Business listing. Responding to your customer’s reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business.” Reputation Boost makes this easy by allowing you to create 10 customized pre canned responses that will automatically respond to reviews that customers leave about your business. After our technology responds to the review, Google will send the customer a notification email letting them know that you value their feedback. High-quality positive reviews from your customers can improve your business's visibility and increase the likelihood that a customer will visit your location.

Auto-Respond to Negative Reviews

Even though your business might get a few negative reviews, this shouldn't be thought of as a problem, but an opportunity. Customers do search out negative reviews, and surprisingly, customers spend 5x a long on profiles that interact with negative reviews, with a 85% conversion rate. Reputation Boost automates responding to negative reviews on Google to drive this engagement with customers. When searchers see that businesses care and try to right a situation, it provides them with an opportunity to turn one customer’s negative experience into a positive one.

Top 5 things that improve customers' confidence online.
1. Average Star Rating
2. Number of Reviews
3. Details in the reviews that resonate with their needs
4. How recently reviews are written, or responded to
5. Lengthy detailed reviews, or stories about their experience

Don’t underestimate how important ratings and reviews are. While some might think it’s difficult to quantify the importance of ratings and reviews. There’s a variety of ways that they are useful, both for businesses and their customers. And not only are ratings and reviews absolutely necessary to today’s consumers during the purchasing process, companies are missing out on sales, profits, and priceless information without them. All of these moving parts come into play when it comes to Google. Google has so many different moving parts. And it is very important that we know the wisdom behind each moving part and why it is beneficial to our business.

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