Why Your Business Needs a QR Code

Are your customers engaging with your online profiles? Easily integrate a QR Code into your existing infrastructure and drive customers to conveniently access and engage with your online profiles.

With QR Codes, readers can easily reach your blogs without copying and pasting a link to a URL bar or typing keywords and phrases on search bars. All they need to do is to give your QR Code a quick scan. In little to no time, they will be reading, commenting, and following your blog. This is also a great way to build reviews on your Google page. By your customers scanning your QR code, Reputation Boost will create you a custom link that is a one stop shop. And within one click, they can leave a review on your Google My Business.

Google My Business

Integrate QR Code
Integrate a dynamic QR Code into your existing POS, CRM, marketing materials, banners, and invoices to seamlessly drive your customers to your online profiles. Every business has some sort of payment system, marketing or CRM that interacts with it customers. By integrating our QR Code and Profile.Guide system to your business's existing infrastructure, easily add the option for your customers to engage with your online profiles.

Profile Guide
Using a QR Code, easily drive your customers to a customizable Profile.Guide webpage. Using your Profile.Guide page makes it convenient to access your online profiles. By making it easy to access your profiles, your customers are more likely to engage with these profiles. When customers engage with your online profiles, they are more likely to leave a review, post a photo, click to call or for directions, etc. These types of actions will lead to more conversion.

Convenient Access to Online Profiles
Easily add a mobile friendly solution and give your customers convenient access to your online profiles. Most customers nowadays don't want to search through your website or profiles for the information they are looking for. By using Profile.Guide, your business will make it easier for your customers to get the information they want with the click of a button. Use only one QR Code to drive your customers to all of your online profiles. Our no-code solution allows you to copy and paste your online profiles' URLs into our system to drive engagement.

Among the many changes brought about by the pandemic is the widespread use of QR codes, graphical representations of digital data that can be printed and later scanned by a smartphone or other device. QR code have a wide range of uses that help people avoid contact with objects and close interactions with other people, including for sharing restaurant menus, email list sign-ups, car and home sales information, and checking in and out of medical and professional appointments. QR codes are a close cousin of the barcodes on product packaging that cashiers scan with infrared scanners to let the checkout computer know what products are being purchased.
Barcodes store information along one axis, horizontally. QR codes store information in both vertical and horizontal axes, which allows them to hold significantly more data. That extra amount of data is what makes QR codes so versatile.

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