The Ultimate Guide to Google Maps Reviews: Tips and Tricks

When exploring new places, reviews on Google are a treasure trove of local knowledge that can point you to the places and businesses. Whether it’s a bakery with the best gluten-free cupcake, or a nearby restaurant with live music.


Google My Business
 Like any platform that welcomes contributions from users, we also have to stay  watchful in our efforts to prevent fraud and abuse from appearing on Maps. Part of that is making it easy for people using Google Maps to flag any policy-violating reviews. If you think you see a policy-violating review on Google, we encourage you to report it. Businesses can report reviews on their Google profile.

Google Maps and its reviews are a part of Google My Business. Businesses can handle all of their online profiling and marketing endeavors in one place that is powered by a Gmail account. Google My Business or “GMB” is a portal that allows businesses to get in the race for higher search engine rankings, more discovery, and ultimately better revenue generation.

So, the most natural first step in getting more Google Maps reviews, which are Google Reviews essentially, is to create and optimize the GMB profile. Businesses should add much information to provide a clear picture to their prospects and clients.

There are options to add business categories and descriptions. They can also put necessary information, such as operating hours, a list of services, a menu if it is an eatery, and so on. The idea here is to make the profile as unique and legitimate as possible so that both computer bots and human users can benefit from it. In turn, the latter will leave amiable reviews which will be displayed on locations and get more clients on board.

Below are 5 categories that align with Google My Business, and how Google maps intertwine.

Asking Customers To Leave Reviews

According to Google’s resources, the most important part of getting Google Maps reviews is by asking the customers. This may sound straightforward but it is not.

At least, it is true for a portion of clients that are loyal to the brand and are happy to leave a review. It is just that they did not think about doing it on their own. Then some customers are not staunch supporters of the brand. On the contrary, they have some issues regarding service, pricing, and so on. Asking them could lead to bad reviews which is a concern for businesses.
Businesses can go about asking for reviews in two ways.


This is the simplest and the most primitive way to ask for a review. Google suggests that after each positive interaction, companies should step up and ask clients for a Google review. The company also suggests that businesses should train their staff in art about how to politely ask customers to leave reviews.

Marketing Channels

The other way to do so is by using the content or marketing materials to get customers to leave
reviews online.
Following are some of the channels that businesses can employ for this endeavor:

● Email
● Transaction Receipts
● Product Cards
● Follow Up Texts or Emails

The company advises that businesses should adopt a courteous voice and tone to ask for reviews. It should never be implied to customers that they are being forced to do the act of leaving Google Reviews.

Responding To Reviews

Google’s algorithms do not only regard the quantity of the reviews, but also the quality and interaction surrounding them. This is important to note for businesses as they often look for more and more reviews, without ever considering to give a response.

That’s why a scathing review with poor ratings is not a bad review if a business can take care of it by connecting with the reviewer and solving the underlying issue. In most cases, this turns grieving or hostile customers into cordial ones.

Sharing Google Maps Reviews Link

It could be hard to imagine for businesses but some customers find it too hard to go through all the trouble of reaching the reviews page. There is no denying that there is some work involved in this process. The best way to help out already satisfied customers is by sending them direct links to add reviews and rate business services. This is important as a business can capture a portion of
people who are already loyal to the brand but did not want to go through the trouble.

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